AEDC Fraud Policy

AEDC Disclaimer

AEDC has introduced a whistleblowing platform which provides Employees, Customers and other Stakeholders, the channel to report unlawful actions such as electricity theft, illegal connections, extortion, bribery, vandalism and any other malpractices. To demonstrate our commitment to the principles of integrity and transparency in our services to our esteemed customers, AEDC has engaged Deloitte, a globally accredited company and an independent party to manage its confidential whistleblowing channels.

The aim is to guarantee transparency and confidentiality to all customers and stakeholders in general, who can report incidents through any of the multiple reporting channels listed below:

  1. 24hrs Toll-Free Hotlines
  2. Multi-lingual Call Center
  3. Email platform
  4. Mobile App available on google play store and apple store
  5. Web portal

What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is an anonymous and confidential medium of raising a concern or drawing attention to any wrongdoing, unethical practice or improper conduct involving any person acting under certain authority internally and/or externally.

What kind of concerns can be reported through AEDC’s whistleblowing channel?

  • All forms of financial malpractices or misconduct such as fraud, corruption, bribery, theft, false representation, extortion, harassment, intimidation, abuse of authority, suppression etc.
  • Actions detrimental to health, safety and security of lives, equipment and the work environment.
  • Improper conduct or unethical behaviour regarding integrity, mutual respect, honesty, accountability, and fairness.
  • Demand for payment or gratification in any form (cash or kind) for services rendered by staff of AEDC on behalf of AEDC.
  • All forms of Insider abuse. e.g., AED staff deliberately allowing an indebted customer to continue to enjoy power supply without making payments for unreasonable length of time.
  • Failure to comply with ALL legal obligations, statutes, and regulatory directives.
  • Non-consensual sexual or physical abuse of staff, customers, prospective staff, service providers and other relevant stakeholders.
  • All forms of sabotage, theft, destruction, disruption or any similar act against any asset of AEDC, diversion and unlawful possession, distribution, trading and/or utilization of any AEDC product and/or service including but not limited to meters, distribution lines, connection, fault resolution, line extension etc.
  • Any presentation or representation considered not to be representative of the mission, vision, core values and principle for which AEDC stands.
  • All forms of discrimination, negligence, conflict of interest, acts of retaliation of a whistle-blower and attempt to conceal any of the above listed acts.

How can I report suspected misconduct anonymously?

Genuine concerns about fraud, extortion, unethical and corrupt practices by our staff can be reported anonymously and confidentially through any of the channels below:

Toll-free Hotline: 0800-TIP-OFFS (08008476337)

Email: tip-offs@deloitte.com.ng

Web portal: https://tip-offs.deloittemanagedsolutions.com.ng/

Mobile App: Download the Deloitte Tip-offs Anonymous App on play store or Apple Store

Will my report be kept confidential?

Yes. AEDC will treat in strict confidence any concerns raised by employees and other stakeholders regarding actual or potential infractions of the Company’s Corporate Business Principles, other ethics-related policies, processes and procedures. This is achieved by ensuring that only designated parties handle your concerns.

What level of Management’s support does the Whistleblowing program have?

AEDC has Zero tolerance for fraud and unethical practices. The management is committed to ensuring a thorough investigation is conducted and punitive measures are imposed where applicable.

Will a Whistle-blower be involved in any investigation?

To protect the identity of the Whistle-blower, the Whistle-blower will not be involved in any investigation. However, Whistle-blowers should endeavour to provide all relevant details required to establish and resolve any reported concern.

How am I protected from harassment if I report suspected unethical conduct?

To reduce the likelihood of harassment or victimization, Deloitte is providing independent whistleblowing channels that ensure the identity of the whistleblower is protected. The identity of those reporting suspected wrongdoings is kept confidential and known only to authorized personnel involved in the investigation of the matter.

How can I whistle blow?

Concerns are raised by contacting any of the whistleblowing channels listed above. The report should provide a background or history of the concern, name(s) of persons suspected to be associated with the perceived wrongdoing, date (s) and place(s) (if known) should be given. This would be helpful in the investigation and establishment of the case.



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