Abuja Electricity Distribution PLC (AEDC) is a pivotal entity in Nigeria’s power sector, dedicated to delivering reliable electricity across the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, as well as Kogi, Niger, and Nasarawa States. Covering a total land area of 133,014 square kilometers, AEDC supplies power to 7,607 sq km in the FCT, 68,925 sq km in Niger, 28,735 sq km in Nasarawa, and 27,747 sq km in Kogi. AEDC’s journey began with the unbundling of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) in 2013, leading to its privatization.

In May 2023, AEDC was acquired by a consortium led by Jeolan International Limited, highlighting a robust commitment to sustainable growth and stakeholder value. Under the leadership of our new board chairman, Dr. Stanley Lawson, and other esteemed board members, we are focused on transforming and positioning AEDC as Nigeria’s leading distribution company. To spearhead this vision, Victor Ojelabi was appointed Acting MD/CEO on January 29, 2024, tasked with driving the board-approved turnaround plan.

Throughout these transitions, AEDC has remained steadfast in its mission to provide reliable power to homes and businesses. Our continuous investments in infrastructure and adherence to high customer service standards underscore our dedication to excellence. We are committed to enhancing power supply reliability and technical efficiency through the upgrading of substations, expanding distribution networks, and implementing advanced technologies for superior power management and distribution.

Our commitment to improving customer experience is unwavering. We are enhancing our response systems and customer interactions by establishing digital and mobile channels and setting up zonal offices to address customer needs more effectively. By streamlining our processes, we aim for faster resolution of complaints and actively seek customer feedback to understand and address pain points. As part of our digital transformation, we are developing improved self-service options, enabling customers to manage their accounts and services more conveniently. Furthermore, we are investing in training our customer-facing staff to deliver superior service and enhance customer satisfaction.

These initiatives reflect our dedication to not only improving power supply but also enhancing the overall customer experience. Our management team brings a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment to transforming AEDC. We believe that these efforts will lead to more reliable power distribution and a stronger relationship with our customers.

At AEDC, we are more than a utility company; we are a catalyst for socio-economic development in the regions we serve.



  • We will improve the quality of service
  • We wil be easily accessible
  • We will provide timely information
  • We will be fair and transparent in our billing
  • We will build client and community relationship
  • We will promote social responsible practices

MissionMake Our Customers Happy,Deliver Power to the every home and Business


To be a world class Utility Providing Power 24/7

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