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1 Advert for Supply of feeder meters Closed
2 RFP Advert for 2021 Insurance Closed
3 RFSP for the provision of Security Services Closed
4 Request for Sealed Bids metering Closed
5 Request for Sealed Bids construction works Closed
6 Request for Sealed Bids Transformers Closed
7 Request for Sealed Bids -Phase 2-Electrical Protection Equipment Closed
8 Request for Sealed Bids -Phase 2-ICT Equipment and Accessories Closed
9 Request for Sealed Bids -Phase 2-Motor Vehicles Closed
10 Request for Sealed Bids construction works -Phase 2 Closed
11 28 June 2021 Closed
12 Advert Closed
13 Clarifications Closed
14 RFSB (Construction work, Electrical Equipment and CRM) Closed
15 BOQ (Construction work and Electrical Equipment) Closed
16 Specifications Closed
17 Drawings Closed
18 Advert for AEDC 2022 Insurance Services Closed
19 RFSB for AEDC 2022 Insurance Services. Closed
20 Response to Bidders for Insurance Procurement 2021 Closed
21 AEDC Vendor Prequalification Download Open
22 Advert for Debt Recovery Agents Download Open