The current software for all prepaid electricity meters in the world including Nigeria will expire, in what is called a TID Rollover. The Token Identifier (TID) is a 24-bit field found in STS-compliant tokens, serving to identify the date and time of token generation.

All STS Pre-paid meters within AEDC’s network. must be upgraded, otherwise the meters will be unable to load energy tokens from 1st May, 2024


All customers must update their prepaid meters by 1st April 2024 to keep having access to electricity supply. The TID rollover is necessary for improved security, continued service, and compliance with international standards, all of which contribute to better and more reliable electricity service for you.


TID rollover is performed by inputting a pair of Key Change Tokens (KCT), usually generated and  issued by AEDC, into a prepaid meter. The first token clears the meter memory while the second updates the keys.

KCT is a special code used on STS compliant prepaid electricity meters for the TID rollover process. It serves two main purposes:

  1. Resetting TID: The first part of the KCT clears the memory in a prepaid meter called the Token Identifier (TID). This resets it to zero.
  2. Enhancing Security: The second part of the KCT updates the meter’s security features, making it more secure.

In simple terms, KCT is a key that both resets and secures a prepaid meter. This plays a vital role in ensuring the correct and secure operation of your meter.


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