Uche Anyalewechi

Chief Information Officer

Uche Anyalewechi is the Chief Information Officer of Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc (AEDC). His career journey is truly impressive, showcasing his deep expertise and leadership in the fields of geographical Information systems, geoinformatics, information technology, telecommunications, and power utilities. His extensive experience spanning over two decades reflects a commitment to driving digital transformation and leveraging technology to enhance operational efficiency across various sectors.

Starting from his early days as an IT instructor at Siemens Computer Learning Centre and later as a Senior Faculty Member at New Horizons Systems Solutions, Uche has continuously expanded his knowledge and skills in areas such as Oracle Database Administration, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, (ITIL), Google Streetview Project, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) consulting.
His contributions to organizations like MTN Nigeria, Osun State Government, Enugu State Government, Geometric Power, Aba Power Limited, Ikeja Electric, and the Federal Government of Nigeria demonstrate his ability to lead successful projects in spatial data acquisition, business intelligence, and critical asset mapping.

Uche's tenure as Assistant General Manager and Head of GIS at Enugu Electricity Distribution Company further solidified his reputation as a transformative leader in the power sector. His initiatives in GIS-enabled asset mapping and customer enumeration set a benchmark for distribution companies across Nigeria, earning recognition from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission.
With a master's degree in Geographical Information Systems from the University of Leeds in United Kingdom, a master's degree in business administration focused on Energy Management leveraging geospatial technologies, a postgraduate diploma in Computer Studies from Usman Dan Fodio University Sokoto, and a bachelor's degree in Agric Economics, from Federal University of Technology Owerri, Uche's educational background complements his practical experience, equipping him with a holistic understanding of technology, business, and the energy sector.
Overall, Uche Anyalewechi's track record exemplifies his dedication to driving innovation and leveraging technology to address challenges in the telecom and power utilities sectors, making him a valuable asset to AEDC.

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