Prepaid Meter Prepaid Meter[/caption] The following procedures shall be adhered to in the management of prepayment metering process under CAPMI metering scheme: 1. Customer to obtain, fill and return form 74, 2. Area Office New Service department to inspect facility using meter engineers to determine: a) Mains availability, b) Assess the Load to determine the Type of meter required c) Requirement of service, mains extension, transformer capacity, d) Transformer loading, HT lines loading etc. 3. Area Office issues invoice to customer for connection fees (bank teller/invoice), on the basis of (1) & (2) above. 4. Customer proceeds to bank for payment, either by Bank draft or by customized Bank Teller (1 day) a) In the case of Bank Teller the Treasury Office at HQ receives Alert from the bank, b) In the case of Bank Draft the customer submit it to the Area Office c) The PPM Office at HQ prints the payment made through on-line access to the bank account 5. The Area Office schedules both Bank drafts and tellers and submits same to both PPM and Treasury Offices at HQ. (2 days)]]>

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