Subject :  Request for Proposal (RFP) for the provision of 2021 Insurance Services    

Issue Date: 9th  November 2020     


1.0      Introduction

AEDC is required to maintain power quality in line with prevailing Nigeria regulations as set by the Nigeria Electrical Regulatory Commission (NERC) in their customer’s service standards of Performance, together with internationally accepted standards (IEC 60050). AEDC has a franchise for the distribution and sale of electricity across an area of 133,000 km2 in the Federal Capital Territory, Niger State, Kogi State and Nasarawa State.


2.0       The Services  (“The Services ”) CONSIST OF THE FOLLOWING

AEDC would be requiring the services of Insurance Brokers for the following Insurance policies (January 2021-December, 2021)

          S/N             Name of Policy
  1 Group Life Assurance Policy
  2 Group Personal Accident
  3 Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  4 Motor Vehicle Insurance
  5 Property-All Risk and Business Interruption (including Machinery Breakdown)
  6 Sabotage and Terrorism, Including Malicious Damage, Strikes, Riots, and Civil  Commotion
  7 Public & Products Liability, and Electromagnetic Field Liability
  8 Money Insurance (with fidelity guarantee extension)
  9 Computer All-Risk
  10 Cyber Liability Insurance



S/N Description
1 Evidence of certified copies of Certificate of Incorporation with the Corporate Affairs Commission

(CAC) including Forms CAC2 and CAC7.

2 Evidence of Company Income’s Tax Clearance Certificate (certified by FIRS)  for the last three (3) years (2017, 2018 & 2019) valid till 31st December 2020.
3 Evidence of Company Audited Accounts for 2018 & 2019  duly signed by licensed Auditors and certified by NAICOM.
4 Company profile to include names, qualification and experience of key personnel
5 Evidence of Current Operating License from the National Insurance Commission (NAICOM)
6 Professional Indemnity (Evidence of Valid Current Cover).
7 Evidence of Registration Certificate with Nigerian Council of Registered Insurance Brokers (NCRIB).
8 Membership of Financial Reporting Council (FRC) of the Broker
9 Sworn affidavit that none of the company’s director has been convicted in any law court for any criminal offence including fraud and financial impropriety
10 Documented evidence of at least 3 similar jobs successfully completed within the last 5years including Letters of Award


4.0   Mandatory Requirements for Proposed Under-Writers to be used by the Brokers   


S/N Description
1 NAICOM approved financial statements for 2018  & 2019  Financial Years
2 2018 Capital Assets/Shareholders Fund
3 Recapitalization Plan as submitted to NAICOM
4 Draft/sample copies of policy documents
5 Valid reinsurance treaty cover to be provided by Underwriters
6 Approved recapitalization plan by NAICOM for proposed underwriters




Interested Insurance Brokers can obtain the Proposal document by visiting, go to tender link ——————and click on the Request for Proposal for provision of Insurance Services  to download the bid document.



Instructions regarding preparation and submission of the proposal is contained in the RFP document.



                                                                 Procurement Committee   


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