Power Sector And Other Related News Stories For Wednesday September 13th 2023

Posted by News Room September 13, 2023

Progress in Nigeria’s power sector as FG introduces Power Outage Reporting App

THE Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), on Monday, September 11, 2023, launched a Power Outage Reporting App (PORS) at its headquarters in Abuja to monitor power disruption across the country and edge the country closer to stable electricity.

Media reports state that the PORS, according to the Commission, is an online initiative to make the complaint resolution process easier and faster for its customers.

Speaking at the launch, Aisha Mahmud, NERC’s Commissioner of Consumer Affairs, said the launch, using the Abuja Electricity Distribution Company (AEDC) as a pilot, was in partnership with the electricity distribution companies (DisCos).



Energy Deregulation in Nigeria Could Lead to Bitcoin Mining Gold Rush

( 93,950 Megawatts ) are not just figures in this context, rather these are the actual numbers of untapped potential carbon-emission-free energy sources in Nigeria alone. These stats include 68 percent small and large hydroelectric power plants, 7 percent solar and photovoltaic energy sources, onshore wind energy sources of about two percent and 21 percent nuclear power source options. Interestingly, amidst the vibrant landscapes of Africa’s heartland lies a thrilling synergy of renewable energy opportunities. An ever-expanding realm that justifies the perfect energy option for fostering Bitcoin mining activities in favorable jurisdictions. Nigeria’s rich renewable energy resources and the new electricity act of 2023 are poised to ignite an electrifying revolution, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future in the country’s energy sector with highlighted possibilities of solving the country’s inflationary crisis.



Solar Power Boost: WATT Renewable Corporation’s 32MW Deployment

Nigeria| WATT Renewable Corporation (WATT), is an independently owned provider of hybrid solar solutions to deploy over 32MW of solar PV and storage capacity in Nigeria.

Under the contract, solar power and lithium-ion battery storage will be installed at 600 sites, following an Energy-as-a-Service model. These hybrid solar installations will enhance Airtel’s power supply reliability and uptime, crucial as the company expands its network coverage and introduces 4G and 5G technologies in the region.

The partnership aligns with WATT’s commitment to sustainable development, supporting Airtel in achieving its sustainability, reliability, and cost objectives while creating lasting value for communities. By replacing diesel generation with WATT’s hybrid solar solution, local communities will benefit from improved air quality, and Airtel’s scope 1 emissions will be reduced.



JED’s Vandalised Electric Tower Reconstructed

THE Jos Electricity Distribution, JED Plc’s vandalised 33 KV electric tower close to the corporate headquarters of Lower Benue River Basin Development Authority in Makurdi, Benue State capital has been reconstructed.

The tower, after being vandalized by unidentified stealers was standing menacingly in a manner that posed grave danger to members of the public.

The situation, according to a statement signed by the Head, Corporate Communications of JED Plc, Dr Adakole Elijah, led the Managing Director of Jos Electricity Distribution Plc, Engr Abdu Bello Mohammed to promptly visit the scene of the incident jointly with his entire management team about a week ago for an on-the-spot assessment of the damaged tower.



Smart Electricity Meter Market Dynamics 2023-2030: Regional Insights and Size Assessment

The Research Report on Smart Electricity Meter Market [123 Pages] offers thorough perspective on industry performance, latest key trends and comprehensive exploration of Industry segments by Type [Single Phase, Three Phase], Applications [Residential, Commercial, Industrial] and Regions. The report presents concise aspects on key dynamics with market growth rate, size, trade, and insights into key players. It highlights the convergence of market trends, business tactics, and the competitive environment. This report goes beyond conventional analyses by providing both qualitative and quantitative perspectives through SWOT and PESTLE evaluations. Through meticulous research and thorough analysis, the report aims to offer valuable insights to stakeholders, vendors, and various participants within the industry.



Nigeria’s Solar Energy Boom Fuels Local Struggle for Green Justice

Undeniably, the impressive surge in solar power generation in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation, emerges as a beacon of hope for many amidst global climate change concerns. Over recent years, Nigeria’s fledgling solar industry has seen a rapid growth trajectory, offering an affordable and more environmentally friendly alternative to the predominantly oil-based energy generation.

The nationwide avidity for clean energy options is largely propelled by aims to meet increasing power demands of the population, mitigate the environmental impacts of fossil fuel use, and progress swiftly towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals— one of which is ensuring access to affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy for all.


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