Power Sector And Other Related News Stories For Friday January 6th 2023

Posted by News Room January 6, 2023

NUEE Seeks Power Sector Reform Despite FG’s N3tr Intervention 

Organised Labour in the electricity sector has lamented that despite the over N3 trillion injected by the federal government into the privatised electricity companies, there has been no commensurate increase in power generation over the past 10 years. 

Secretary General of the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE), Joe Ajaero, stated this during the public hearing on a bill to amend Electric Power Sector Reform Act, 2005 held on Thursday.  

The bill is to provide the legal and institutional framework for the implementation and coordination of rural electrification projects, establishment of the National Power Training Institute and Regulatory provisions to strengthen the sector for efficient services delivery and for related matters.  


Heavy Electricity Market Debt Choking NDPHC –Ugbo 

Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC) recently cried out over an estimated N100 billion debt owed it by the electricity market. Despite the debt, the company is still intervening  in transmission and distribution assets.  

In this interview, the Managing Director of the company, Chiedu Ugbo, said that without tgovernment interventions in the power infrastructure, Nigerian would have been thrown into total darkness by now. 

Ugbo  made other revelations in this chat that is capable of blowing the mind of any well-meaning Nigerian. 


Germany Has Avoided ‘worst-case’ Energy Scenario: Minister 

Germany has so far avoided the “worst-case scenario” of an economic meltdown after being cut off from Russian gas, and is optimistic its stocks will last through next winter, the economy minister said Thursday. 

Russia, the biggest exporter of gas to the European Union before it invaded Ukraine, turned off the taps in September last year over crippling sanctions imposed against it over the war. 

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, was heavily dependent on Russian gas, and scrambled to find alternative suppliers, such as Norway and the United States, paying a higher price for their gas 



Wind Generated a Record Amount of Electricity in 2022 

Great Britain produced a record amount of wind-powered electricity in 2022, according to the National Grid. 

More electricity came from renewable and nuclear power sources than from fossil fuels gas and coal, the second highest after 2020. 

Replacing fossil fuels with green power is a core way for the world to tackle the impacts of climate change. 

Sources like wind and solar are also significantly cheaper and should lead to cheaper bills in the long-run. 

Scientists, governments and the UN say switching to renewable power is crucial as the effects of global warming are already being felt, including in the UK, which last year recorded its hottest year since records began. 


Why are Energy Prices so High? Some Experts Blame Deregulation 

When California, New York, Texas and other states began deregulating their electricity markets in the 1990s, officials promised that those changes would foster competition and make energy more affordable. 

But it hasn’t worked out that way. 

Average retail electricity costs in the 35 states that have partly or entirely broken apart the generation, transmission and retail distribution of energy into separate businesses have risen faster than rates in the 15 states that have not deregulated, including Florida and Oregon. That difference has persisted for much of the past two decades or so, including in the past year, when energy prices increased worldwide after Russia invaded Ukraine


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