Power Sector And Other Related News Stories For Friday April 26th 2024

Posted by News Room April 26, 2024
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Our Intractable Electricity Conundrum, By Adekunle Adekoya

AS a people, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves when it comes to electricity.  Since 1972 when the Electricity Corporation of Nigeria, ECN, was merged with the Niger Dams Authority to create the National Electric Power Authority, NEPA, millions of Nigerians have been born and have died with their dreams of living in a country with reliable power supply unrealised.



Let There Be Light!, By Toyin Falola

From time immemorial, electricity has played a significant role in fostering economic development and growth in both industrialised and developing nations. It has become a social glue that ties capacities to intentions. It is, first and foremost, crucial to the general developmental strategy of every society, sine qua non, or the developmental possibility would be a mere fuss.



Why Power Sector Crisis Won’t End Soon, By Electricity Workers

There are strong indications that the power supply crisis plaguing the country may persist for a longer time as Electricity Distribution Companies, DisCos, and the generation companies, GenCos, are battling with outdated, obsolete networks, inadequate maintenance of equipment, and dilapidated generation machinery, causing below optimal capacity utilization.



Tales of Woes Over Poor, Non-Electricity Supply

Manufacturers, small business operators and residents across the country have continued to agonise over the near total power outage which has almost paralysed business and social activities.



Kano Adopts National Electricity Policy to Boost Distribution

Kano State Government has inaugurated a Committee of experts to guide the Government on how to derive benefits from the National Electricity Act 2023, using the dictates of Act to generate and distribute energy across the state.



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