Kenechukwu Ofili

Head, Customer Experience

Kenechukwu Ofili is the Head, Customer Experience at Abuja Electricity Distribution Plc (AEDC). He has a distinguished career spanning over 20 years as a Customer Service Professional, showcasing unparalleled expertise in Customer Care Operations. With a solid academic foundation, he graduated with a degree in Physiology from the esteemed University of Ibadan, complemented by a Master’s in Managerial Psychology from the University of Lagos.
Distinguished as a Doctoral fellow of the Institute of Leadership Manpower and Management Development, Kenechukwu holds a certificate of proficiency in Global leadership, Human Resources, and Management Development from the same institution, further underlining his commitment to continuous professional growth. He is certified in Six Sigma and currently pursuing studies in Digital Marketing and Business Transformation at the Rome Business School.
His membership in prestigious organizations such as the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) underscores his dedication to excellence in customer service.

Prior to his current role, Kenechukwu was the Head of Contact Centre at 9 Mobile. He spearheaded Contact Centre Operations across key locations including Lagos and Kano. He orchestrated a team dedicated to delivering exemplary customer experiences at every touchpoint, ensuring adherence to industry-leading standards.
His experience as a Service Leader is marked by a proven track record in devising and implementing customer service and sales strategies across diverse sectors including telecoms, banking, and real estate. Kenechukwu's innovative approach to problem-solving and unwavering commitment to service improvements have consistently elevated customer satisfaction levels and propelled business success.
His leadership is characterized by a keen emphasis on driving continuous improvement initiatives, further solidifying his reputation as a dynamic and results-driven professional. Passionate about project management and service delivery, Kenechukwu brings a relentless focus on execution and achieving tangible results to Customer Experience in AEDC.

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