SHAREHOLDERS KANN is a Nigerian registered company formed in 2012 and is jointly owned by XerXes Global Investments Limited and CEC Africa Investments Limited (a company wholly owned by Copperbelt Energy Corporation PLC of Zambia). KANN was formed to participate in the development of the Nigerian power sector and has a vision to expand its footprint in the West Africa Power sector. KANN derives its name from the states in which it operates namely Kogi, Abuja, Niger and Nasarrawa. CEC AFRICA INVESTMENTS LIMITED CEC Africa Investments Limited (CECA) was established by CEC Plc to develop, finance and operate energy infrastructure projects across Africa. CECA is currently wholly owned by Copperbelt Energy Corporation PLC (CEC), a leading Zambian Energy Company that transmits and distributes power to the mining companies in Zambia. CEC has been in existence for over 60 years. CEC owns and operates around 900 kilometers of primary transmission lines, 38 major substations and 80 MW of embedded gas turbine generation. Further, CEC owns and operates the Zambian section of the 220kV interconnector line between Zambia and the DRC. CEC is well respected for its skills in designing and operating transmission systems. CEC is also active in telecommunications with more than 1,500 km of fibre installed, providing international connections into Zimbabwe and Katanga Province of DRC, and metropolitan fibre networks throughout the main commercial centres of Zambia. CEC intends to grow its current share of c.50% of Zambia’s sector to become a dominant operator for the SAPP region. CECA currently has investments in 2 operating assets in Nigeria and is pursuing projects at different stages of development in Sierra Leonne, Namibia and Zambia XerXes Global Investment Ltd Xerxes Global Investment Ltd is a private-equity firm established by a pool of seasoned international and Nigerian entrepreneurs, energy industry experts and investors from the United States of America and Nigeria. The Company specialises in acquiring equity stakes in energy related companies. Its team has been involved in raising capital worth over USD 2 billion from both Nigerian and international capital markets for energy-related ventures. The firm provides creative capital, structured for each investment opportunity. Wealth of experience, industry expertise, deep operating skill-sets and large global network of affiliated partners positions the firm as a vital resource from which to draw strategic, financial capital. XerXes partners with highly motivated management teams to design and implement strategic and operational changes with the objective of taking these acquired businesses to the next level of growth and beyond. Below is a graphical representation of our investors: ]]>

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