Delivery dates There are specific delivery dates on which materials are to be delivered to the stores by AED Plc Registered Suppliers. Kindly ensure that delivery on these days are adhered to except in cases of emergencies.

The Days & Time are: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays – 8am to 4pm

Invoicing & Payment For all materials delivered to stores, Original copies of Invoices & Delivery notes must be submitted with the corresponding Purchase Award to the receiving officer at the Central Stores. Please reference the Purchase Award number on all supporting documents.

For all services rendered to AED Plc, invoices must be submitted to:

Chief Finance Officer

Attn: Head, Supply Chain Management

No.1 Ziguinchour Street Wuse, Zone 4



Delivery Requirements

The Central Stores Address is: 18, Sokode Crescent, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, FCT.

The products shall be packaged and delivered free of charge to the above stated address. Where AED Plc agrees to pay shipping costs in exceptional circumstances, each undertaking shall be agreed explicitly in advance.

AED Plc obligation to check incoming goods is sufficiently fulfilled by performing random checks on the products within five working days. Transport damages shall be reported immediately and any partial deliveries require the approval of AED Plc Procurement & Expediting Unit.

The vendor must pack the products correctly at his expense, depending on the quality of the products and according to the chosen mode of transport.


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