The Procurement and Expediting unit is centralized and its core functions include purchasing, contracts, and expediting approved awards for delivery, receipt and completion of service(s) to meet requisite needs.

Type of Equipment/ Services purchased include: Electrical Equipment, Meters, Office Equipment, Stationery, Vehicles, Engineering Construction, Advisory Services, Fuel and Lubricants, Telecommunications Equipment, Logistics/Shipping, Printing and Car Hiring.

Doing business with AED Plc

In order to commence a business relationship with us, your company must be duly registered with the relevant governing authorities. AED Plc has a 3-stage review process for registration of vendors. The interested company is required to submit the following documents for review and assessment:

STEP 1: Submission of Documents

  • Documents relating to the legal registration of the company (Evidence of company registration)
  • Detailed company profile
  • Confirmation of the financial capacity of the company (Current 3 years Audited Statement of Account)
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Evidence of VAT registration
  • Evidence of manufacturers accreditation (if applicable)
  • Relevant jobs executed in the past within proposed category of supply/provision of service to AED Plc and evidence of completion – a waybill/delivery note/completion certificate signed by the representative of the company with respect to the referenced award submitted
  • At least two verifiable references with reference to awards handled
  • Any other relevant supporting documents for example:
  • 1. Meter providers / Installers - NERC Certificates / EMS Test Certificate / LECAN Certified installers

    2. Construction Firms - COREN and CORBON Certificates

    3. ICT Firms – Partnership Status with Dell, HP, Cisco , etc

STEP 2: Physical Visit and Assessment

This is a due diligence visit that entails discussions with your management team, review of the premises and sighting of original documents if available. It also provides the opportunity to learn, and assess the vendor’s capabilities and competence.

STEP 3: Review by Dunn & Bradstreet

Upon Satisfactory completion of the above steps, you are ready to commence business with AED Plc. However, in the process of completion of registration, documents furnished by AED Plc to the Supplier are solely for the purpose of doing business with us. These documents shall be controlled by the Supplier and must not be transmitted to others without the consent and approval of AED Plc.

Information Session & Meeting Request

Vendors (Suppliers/Contractors) who are willing to discuss their business and offer unique solutions to AED Plc business are welcomed to a scheduled information session.

If you would like to tell us about your business, please email us the following information:

  • Your name, company and contact information
  • Company rep who will be attending the session
  • The type of goods or services you provide
  • Highlights of discussion points
There is usually a waitlist for information sessions. We will contact you to confirm your addition to the waitlist. We look forward to hearing from you.

Business Opportunities

Request for Sealed Bids/Proposals

For currently open bids / proposals, go to

S.noProject Title Closing Date Remarks
1Procurement of ScadaTBAUpcoming
2Request for Proposals16th March 2018 Hard Copy Submissions only
3Request for Bids20th March 2018 Only registered vendors with D&B numbers are eligible to participate. Hard Copy Submissions only